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Sunmeister Energy at REI 2023: Showcasing Victron Energy Products and The Mule – a decentralised renewable energy technology

Oct 21, 2023


The Renewable Energy India Expo 2023 (REI 2023) exemplified the remarkable progress being made in the renewable energy sector. Sunmeister Energy, the authorized distributor of Victron Energy in India, took a leading role at this event, presenting an array of state-of-the-art Victron Energy products. Yet, our involvement extended beyond mere exhibition. We actively collaborated with industry peers, sharing our extensive knowledge and unveiling our Nagaland project that earned us a finalist position for the prestigious REI Startup of the Year award in 2023.

Empowering India with Victron Energy

As the authorized distributor of Victron Energy in India, Sunmeister presented a diverse portfolio of Victron products at REI 2023. From advanced solar charge controllers to high-efficiency inverters, our booth was a hub of innovation. Visitors had the opportunity to explore firsthand Victron Energy products in our booth.

Knowledge Sharing

Our presence at REI 2023 wasn't just about products; it was about sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration. Through insightful discussions, our experts highlighted the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in the renewable energy landscape. We believe that education is pivotal in driving sustainable change, and our team was more than eager to contribute.

Finalists for REI Startup of the Year Award 2023

One of the highlights of our participation at REI 2023 was the recognition we received as finalists for the REI Startup of the Year award. This prestigious acknowledgment was a tribute to our project aimed at transforming healthcare in Nagaland through the Mule. This initiative not only exemplifies our commitment to sustainability but also underscores the critical role renewable energy plays in enhancing healthcare access in remote areas.

REI 2023 was not just a showcase of present achievements, but also a glimpse into the future of renewable energy. The event served as a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and advocates to come together, exchange ideas, and envision a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

For Sunmeister Energy, REI 2023 provided us with an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations, showcase Victron Energy products in India and together, we took another step towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future.